Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm not promising anything....but I needed this quiet space.

This blog is so outdated and behind that I very seriously contemplated just starting from scratch and junking the whole thing.  But this is my life.  These are my stories and the more I thought about it the more I drew a parallel between real life and this silly little blog.

We don't always take care of things in our life, but we rarely get a chance to throw it all away and start over.  When we leave things unattended such as relationships, or things we often have to put more work into them to make them nice again.  So I'm "starting over" with this blog and I'm going to work my hardest to make it worth reading again.  I am not perfect by any means and as a stay at home mom I have more things that need my attention than I have time in the day, but I'm going to try.

This will hopefully house some of my own stories.  Some of my son's stories and thoughts that fly through my head faster than I can articulate them fully.  I don't have the driving force to become some world-renowned blogger, but I do want to be able to type thoughts longer than 140 characters again.  Sometimes Mommy needs a quiet space.  I hope we have a working relationship again soon.