Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Mmmm who doesn't love Pizza? I sure do. I'm not talking about that greasy gross stuff you buy from the pizza place. I'm talking about homeade pizza. This pizza was made using a store bought refrigerated crust from pillsbury. We sometimes make homemade crust but this stuff is great, and is super quick. Make some pizza sauce using tomato sauce and your choice of spices. I often use an italian grinder, some garlic salt, and some other odds and ends. Use as much sauce as you want, and top with whatever you have around, we used pepperoni, red pepper, and mushrooms (only on my side), and of course mozerella cheese.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My two guys

I never thought I would share my home with not one man but two, and I especially didn't think the second guy would be of the feline variety. I never thought I was cat person. In fact I swore up and down that we would own a dog, and then we went to the local animal shelter. This guy had been there for almost a month and as soon as I picked him up he started licking my neck and kneading me. I was smitten, Aaron fell in love and we put him back to discuss what we were going to do. The first major obstacle we had to over come was the fact that both of us were now covered in a sheen of white fur. I had some misgivings, in fact I had a lot of misgivings, however we decided to give this guy a chance, since he was such a sweetheart. We brought him home and proceeded to give him a bath and a major brush down. The next day I was in tears beause my brand new couch was covered in little white hairs. Aaron and I had a serious talk in which we decided that we would wait out the shedding and see how it went. Three weeks later and I don't even notice it anymore...unless I'm wearing a black shirt. Thank goodness for our handy dandy lint roller, and our fantastic vacuum cleaner. Here are my two guys doing what they love best, lounging on the couch.

This is Apollo (named after a character on Battlestar galatica)

Monday, July 27, 2009

My poor feet!

Warning:::: Pictures of feet ahead! There you have been warned. I blogged a few weeks ago that I had broken a toe. The littlest one on my left foot to be exact. Well it turned all kinds of awesome colors during the healing process, but it has finally started to feel better and guess what I did? 3 days ago I stumped the big toe on my left foot, and 2 days ago I scraped a giant chunk out of my big toe on my right foot. I've heard of being clumsy, but seriously? This has got to stop I don't have that many toes left to damage. I have never been "Graceful" but I have never had this much of a problem with slamming my poor feet into anything and everything foot level. I have done this more times in the past three weeks than I can count. I am starting to seriously wonder if I should start wearing steel toed boots around the house. Theses three incidents have been the only ones to leave evidence so I decided to post some pictures. Anyone else having clumsy weeks?

Welcome to Mountain Home Idaho!

So here are some of the pictures from our trip cross country. I have to say that we didn't do anything to denote N.C. which is where we started or Virginia which was the second state we passed through. We started taking pictures in West Virginia. and got some really good ones later on. Wyoming was the most photogenic, however there was nothing out there in the way of food or gas...not so good on the bladder.
West Virginia tourist stop

La Carreta the best Mexican restaraunt in West Virginia
It was delicious.

Us at the beginning of 4 long days of driving.


A good shot of a bridge at night in Kentucky.


A broken bridge in Indiana.


The St. Louis Arch.

In Kansas there was rain...and lots of it.

Iowa was some more rain and a few things of interest.

Like the Sapp bros water towers, which are actually for gas stations...who Knew?


Wyoming? Oh yeah this is one of those western states right?

Man I look like a rockstar. Even after 2 and a half days of driving.

Some pretty Rocks piled up randomly.

A refinery, on of the two that we saw.

Some windmills.

Utah. The last state before the promise land.

Idaho!!! We finally made it!

A funnel cloud? Is the first sign of something ominious?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Broken alright.

My toe that is, the little toe on my left foot got broken last night when I walked into a wall corner. Immediately I yelled "It's Broken" and then fell into sobs because it hurt so bad. Poor Aaron came over as soon as I started crying and carried me to the couch. Then he got an ice pack and helped me ice it, however the pain was pretty intense the first hour afterwards. We went to base urgent care just to insure that it wasn't dislocated or anything and didn't need to be set. He buddy wrapped it to my other toe and scheduled an x-ray. This morning I had my x-ray and it is broken. On Saturday Aaron and I are going White-Water rafting I just hope my poor toe doesn't get too seriously injured.