Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is a frivolous whine...be warned!

I miss my husband so much it hurts. There I have said it. I want him back in the country, back in my arms and back where he belongs. That man is so funny and sweet and he is just incredible...That being said sometimes he gets me so mad my head boils. I guess once he gets orders me and Nora (one of my sisters) will be driving across country to get put on the housing list and then I will wait for him to have TMO pick up his stuff and come on over. I will see him by june 30th when he has to report at Mountain Home AFB but I wish it was sooner, that is a full 41 days from now! I feel upset that the military is being so unaccomadating when it comes scheduling his TMO date, but I will get over it. Thanks for listening.

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