Saturday, May 16, 2009

I think it's starting to sink in...what are we getting ourselves into?

So the last time I up and moved across the country to be with Aaron we had been married for less than a week and I was so excited I didn't know what to do with myself. Living in the base hotel for close to three weeks was an adventure! Even when in those first three weeks Aaron slept on the couch several times, nothing could deter our "Love". Boy were those the days...alas the days when buying less than $3.00 worth of Beef tips and putting them over ramen noodles and calling it a feast may have passed, however the love I feel for my husband has just grown and grown. I will say this though, I am not a naive 19 year old anymore. Well at least I'm not as naive as I was back then. In a little over two and a half years of marriage (one of which we spent apart/ him in Korea/ me back here at home) I've learned a few Key points. The military lies... let me just repeat that for those of you who didn't catch it the first time around...The military lies. Now I'm sure this seems cynical and mean, and the truth is I am a bit cynical when it comes to the military. Sometimes, and by that I mean most of the time the military is only going to give you a half truth...UNLESS you are willing to ask a million questions and risk making yourself a nuisence. It's okay to ask questions. I have learned that lesson more times than I care to say, however one prime example is that for the first 10 months Aaron and I were married he was not being paid BAS which most of you will know means he wasn't getting food money. Aaron was sure that the military would never ever make the mistake of messing up his pay, well it wasn't until I nagged and nagged that he started checking his LES to see if he was being paid correctly. Finally we got it fixed and recieved a back pay of $3000, however it would have been better to have it all those months that we didn't. My point is this; people assured him he was being paid correctly, however Aaron didn't know how to make sure it was correct. Only after asking questions did we find out how to check it ourselves. The second thing I've learned is that the military is like a family. The biggest and most diverse family you could ever ask for or hope for. People will go out of their way to see if they can help you. While Aaron was stationed in AZ I had to have my appendix removed, Aaron was not allowed to stay in the hospital with me overnight and so a good friend of ours stayed with me and spent all night helping me get up and down to the bathroom. I had been in AZ less than 6 months. Where else will you find people willing to help you move that 300 pound sofa bed up a flight of stairs into a second story apartment? And then help you move it back down less than three months later when you find out your going to Korea? If I can say one thing about the military it's never know what tomorrow is going to bring, however you always know that someone will be there to help you get through it.

All of that being said...Idaho??? Really? I mean don't get me wrong at this point I would take the moon if it means getting to see my husband again, but what are we getting ourselves into here? Boise is almost an hour drive according to the base website, and despite being named Mountain Home AFB I have been told that there aren't actually any mountains in sight! How's that for misleading information? I'll tell you what, I'm going to stay positive and give this place a shot, just like I did for Arizona, which I grew to love.


  1. so selfish but I cant believe you are going all the way to Idaho and I still havent gotten a chance to meet
    I hope your time in Idaho rocks!!!!

  2. I know I feel like I should come down to Bragg for a coffee or something maybe find a new purse while I'm near an awesome PX. My old one has recently been pee'd on by my nephew.


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