Sunday, August 23, 2009

Have I told you my husband is going deaf?

Well at the risk of sounding repetitive. Aaron is going deaf. His job in the air froce requires him to have almost perfect hearing. Every two years they require he take and pass a hearing test. This year he failed it...horribly. He failed it so bad that he isn't qualified to do the majority of the jobs in the air force. In fact there is a list of 5 jobs he is eligible to do, flight attendant being one of them. Well so much for being a crew chief for another few years before cross-training. It's lookinglike we are going to be doing that sooner rather than later. At least he is willing to do this. I love my husband more than anything, because he is dedicated to us, and doing what he can to keep us in a house and with health care. I love my husband, even if the cat crying for hours in the middle of the night doesn't even rouse him from his slumber. Even if I have to repeat myself 8 times before he hears me...I love my husband.

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