Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My two guys

I never thought I would share my home with not one man but two, and I especially didn't think the second guy would be of the feline variety. I never thought I was cat person. In fact I swore up and down that we would own a dog, and then we went to the local animal shelter. This guy had been there for almost a month and as soon as I picked him up he started licking my neck and kneading me. I was smitten, Aaron fell in love and we put him back to discuss what we were going to do. The first major obstacle we had to over come was the fact that both of us were now covered in a sheen of white fur. I had some misgivings, in fact I had a lot of misgivings, however we decided to give this guy a chance, since he was such a sweetheart. We brought him home and proceeded to give him a bath and a major brush down. The next day I was in tears beause my brand new couch was covered in little white hairs. Aaron and I had a serious talk in which we decided that we would wait out the shedding and see how it went. Three weeks later and I don't even notice it anymore...unless I'm wearing a black shirt. Thank goodness for our handy dandy lint roller, and our fantastic vacuum cleaner. Here are my two guys doing what they love best, lounging on the couch.

This is Apollo (named after a character on Battlestar galatica)

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