Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bakerella has the patience of a saint!

So I recently made some cake pops, which were absolutely delicious.  But let me just say this, they are so time comsuming, and tedious to make.  I think Bakerella must either be a saint, or a total glutton for punishment.  This is hard work.

First bake a cake (Any box mix will do, I used Red Velvet)
The wait for cake to cool (This is a test in will power, because the cake will smell delicious)
Crumble the cake into a bowl
Mix in an entire can of icing (I used cream cheese icing)
Stir until completely mixed
Roll into quarter sized balls (You actually want them to be a bit bigger, more like a half dollar)
Dip a lollipop stick into melted chocolate
Push halfway into ball
Refrigerate for an hour to chill
Dip them into melted chocolate (This was the worst part, I'm terrible at coating them completely)
Stick them into some Styrofaom so they look good when they dry.

Eat this diabetes on a stick and make up some good reason to do so... (it's a tuesday will work)


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