Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thanks for ruining it lady!

I don't get my hair cut often, in fact right now I am trying to grow it out, so it's been a few months since I had it cut.  While living in North Carolina I had my cousin cut and style it every 6 weeks.  I am one of those people that love getting her hair shampooed, cut and styled.  It's my thing, I love the way it feels, and it relaxes me.  Today I decided to get my hair done at the base salon. because it's cheaper and closer.

The woman who cut my hair was awful!  First she started out by talking over me to another hair stylist who was on break.  Then when I politely asked about her cats (whom she had been talking about) she told me all about the troubles they have been giving her.  Then I told her about how we had a male cat and how he sometimes plays with the neighbors kitten (which he acts afraid of)  She told me that male cats needed to be kept calm because strees would give them crystals in their urine, and then asked me about what type of food we feed him (natural choice organic cat food: in case you were wondering) she says "Male cats need to eat only wet food, it prevents them from getting those crystals in their urine" and proceeds to tell me repeatedly that my cat could die unless we start feeding him wet food. I told her that I was feeding him what the vet recommended and she proceeded to complain about vets in general.

After the shampoo and lecture were over I tried to get her to talk about how long she had lived here, and she then went on and on about how taking care of her animals has prevented her from building a house...blah blah blah. 

So she has cut my hair and asks me "Do you want me to blow dry it?  I think you should just do it at home"...I'm PAYING you to style my hair, just do your job lady.  I said "well I have errands to run and it will become a mess before I get home could you please do it?  She uses a round pick to brush through it while blowdrying it, pulling my hair like crazy.  After a few minutes I asked if she had a brush she could use, and she replied "This is the only thing I use because it doesn't pull the hair"...Um Excuse me lady but what would you call what it is doing right now?  PULLING MY FREAKING HAIR!  That's what.  By this time I just wanted to get out of there.  So she finished blowwdrying it and told me I should start using some oil to help with the frizzies (I have super thick textured hair) and told me that my "super fine" hair needed something with a boost....give me a break.  A chimp could do a better job cutting hair.

So when I went to pay she ran my card and didn't even leave a spot for a tip. When I asked if I could leave a tip, she acted like she just knew I wasn't going to leave one and so she didn't even ask me.  I left her 3 dollars in cash which I had in my purse, but I will be going back to complain when she isn't there one day.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

    That hair stylist sounds like a kook and a flake. Thankfully you got out of there without a botched up hair cut.


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