Monday, January 4, 2010

On waking up late, and staying in all day.

Today was a lazy day.  I woke up late.  The house was warm, if a bit messy.  The cat has been stretched out in one position or another all day long, and I've spent most of the day reading some of my favorite blogs, and checking emails.

I am making a wonderful dinner tonight, prepackaged pasta, and some veggies.  It doesn't sound like much, but it will taste awesome.  I love me some bertoli.

I love watching food shows.  I don't think I have the time or patience to make some of those fantastic creations that I see, but I sure love watching and salivating over them.

I need to do laundry, but that can wait.  Sometimes having a day to do nothing is exactly what you need.   If Aaron gets home at some point we might make it to the gym today.  Believe it or not he is on day shift, even though it's 5 o clock and he still isn't home.

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