Thursday, January 28, 2010

We checked into the Jupiter Hotel and put our stuff into our room. It was small but very cute and the bed was super comfortable. I think part of Aaron’s biggest excitement was that we would be able to eat at Chipotle while we were in town and so we got the GPS out of the car (which was in an underground garage) and typed in Chipotle. We walked the near mile in cold and somewhat dreary conditions, however we made it there and enjoyed a head sized burrito each. We began the walk home and wouldn’t luck have it that it began drizzling when we got about 3 blocks away.

As we made our way into the garage to get some things from the car I spotted the van with the trailer attached and I noticed Marty standing there with his back to me talking on his phone. I was a little wet, and looking somewhat bedraggled from driving 7 hours so I made my way to the car to get the plates of cookies and brownies I had made for the guys. Jared had specifically asked for brownies at one concert and so I was bringing some to give them at the show.

As I am pulling them out of the car Uncle Larry and Jared walked out of the lounges back entrance to help with the unloading. I about died. Jared was looking far too adorable in his suit and tie with his Mohawk looking perfect. Uncle was looking very uncle like in a purple suit and shades. I walked over to them and looked at Uncle. He looked at me and said. “Can I help you?” I am sure I was standing there with my mouth hanging open or something.

“Um….actually these are for you.” I handed him the plates with cookies and brownies and his face lit up. He smiled at me and said “aww, well thanks for that,” and he reached over to hug me. I leaned in but realized that I was wet a little too late and ended up giving him a sort of half hug. As I pulled back Jared looked over at me and said. “Thanks.” I was so shocked that I kind of mumbled and walked away.

We made our way back upstairs where I proceeded to text all of the girls that I was going to be meeting at the concert. We chatted back and forth and I started to get ready. Long story short a couple of hours later I was dressed and ready and we were hanging out at the bar until we were ready to stand in line outside. We got outside and we had a blast while waiting in line. I met some wonderful ladies who I had chatted with online, but never met in person and we laughed and joked about different things.

As we made our way down into the area where the concert was going to be, we were excited to get spots right in front of the stage. I was standing right against the stage and had an amazing view. After the starting band (the patterns) played a few songs the guys came out to set up their gear. Jackson began setting up the keyboard and I said to him. “I’m the one who brought the brownies.”

He leaned forward and looked me in the eye and said, “Well thanks darlin.” Then he reached over and shook my hand.  I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited the whole concert. They were about 1000 percent better in concert than their CD. I have loved their music since I first heard it and in concert they are that much better!

As the concert progressed between songs Jared was standing in front of me and I jokingly asked. “How were the brownies?” I honestly wasn’t expecting an answer so I was surprised to have him lean down and respond.
“They were awesome! I ate way too many.” Color me floored! I was just so happy to be there listening to some of my favorite band that I couldn’t believe I was able to actually talk to these guys. I got to shake Jared’s hand at the end of the concert and also got his autograph on the back of my ticket. It was truly a night to remember.
That is how the concert went. Totally amazing. Way better than I ever could have expected and definitely worth the drive.

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