Friday, October 23, 2009

Aww wait. No way. She didn't just say what I think she did. Did she?

I'll admit it.  I am a total geek.  Completely and unrepentently nerdy.  I cannot help it.  My cat is named after a character on Battlestar Galactica... That's right go look that up real quick.  I'll wait.

You see?  A total geek right?  I've never been ashamed of that fact, I read Fanfiction.  I tell totally corny jokes.  I laugh outloud at thoughts in my head.  It doesn't bother me, in fact I rarely even explain to people anymore, often times they don't get what's so funny.

I was raised in such a large and loving family that I'm socially akward.  It's okay.  I've accepted it.  I have on multiple occasions (okay like 100 times at least)  laughed so hard I cried with any given family member.  My younger brother J and I were once coming home from getting some icecream for the family and we got to laughing about selling Pots at the Stop sign and we were laughing so hard we couldn't seemed perfectly logical to roll down the get air?  That's right we are driving into the neighborhood with the windows down fanning air into our faces trying to breathe.  We are weird like that.

My Mom and I have both laughed so hard we have peed on ourself...Sorry Mom I'll tell my story if you don't mind me telling yours.

My parents run a firework tent each year, and one year we had one in a walmart parking lot, only it wasn't open 24 hours.  It closed at 12 and opened at 6 so if you had to pee during those hours...tough luck.  Well one night me, N and J were staying there with my Step Dad BU.  We really needed to go to the bathroom and had been waiting for at least 2 hours for the walmart to open and when it opened we headed to the store just the three of us kids.  We were at the very back of this huge parking lot, a war could have happened in this lot, it was huge.  We start walking and my sister N sees a cart tipped over on it''s side, so she walks over and tries to pick it back up to take down with us.  Tries being the operative word, she was in 6th grade and about the size of a toothpick.  So here she is struggling to pick this thing up and I start laughing, and soon I'm crying because I start peeing and can't stop...I peed so much I soaked my shorts, undies, and socks and shoes...gross.  I laughed the whole way into walmart where BU had given me some money to pick out a change of clothes.  The point is family will put up with weird crap.  My family will probably put up with about 10 times more weird crap then a normal family, and because of that I don't have a filter.

If I think something is stupid I usually say as much.  If I have an opinion I will share it without being asked.  It isn't that I mean to pry and be "rude" according to social norms.  It's just that I was raised by a big southern baptist family in the south...we overshare.  We say "bless her heart" and gossip to our hearts content.  I know this means that many people are "put off" by me at some point in knowing me.  I guess this is just to say that I have come to terms with me.  No matter how many times we move, how many friendships I gain and lose over time, my family will always accept me, because they know I do it because I care.  I am fiercely loyal and I would do anything to help a friend. 

I just need people to put up with my quirks, and know that if I say something that's over a comfort line, just tell me.  I will always apologize if you let me know it was too far, and I will try to better about keeping my opinion to myself next time.  Thanks for putting up with me guys.


  1. Hahaha...thanks for giving me a chuckle with that story! and BTW, I've been there before too! LOL

  2. We're a family of pants wetters, too. Sometimes a sneeze will bring it on. But that's for whole different reasons. The point is that we also accept each other for who we are. It's wonderful, isn't it?

  3. We are a family like that as well. My mom laugh until we cry. My brother and I are like a never ending inside joke. It is great isn't it?


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