Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear So and So

Dear Back,

I know I didn't take my muscle relaxer at all yesterday because I was feeling so good, and I continued to feel good all day so I didn't take it again, but I really don't think its fair for you to totally lock up on me like I'm Emily Rose before her exorcism. I am trying to make it through the day without a nap, but you have made it PAINFULLY clear that I'm not allowed to skip doses...I get it

Love Your owner

Dear Ovaries,

I know that four of my sisters are pregnant and...I get it. Yes DH and I have been married for 3 wonderful years. However we have decided to wait until things are more financially stable, and we are closer to family to start trying to have children. Please stop trying to strangle me every time I see a baby...I know they are cute, I know I love children of all ages and have wanted kids my whole life, but I am still young and can afford to wait a few years...or five. Please stop sending out enough hormones to make me think drinking the water might get me pregnant okay?

Love me who is only 22 still

Dear Mom,

I love you. You are amazing and because of you I am the envy of all the guys DH works with. Your homemade chicken pot pie recipe is so good that DH practically kissed my feet when I made it tonight, I am so glad you let me hang around in the kitchen all the time when I was young. Your patience is amazing, and I am grateful now that I'm older

Love your very happy Daughter

Dear DH,

Thank you for all of the ego boosting tonight after dinner, after such a crappy day having you raving about dinner really did make my night. I love you.

Love your tired wife


  1. Hope you're feeling better today. That pot pie sounds yummy. Ever share the recipe?

  2. Yay DH! Way to go, man.

    Chelsie... I'm new to your blog but really enjoyed your Dear So and So's. I like the awesome line of communication you have with your body parts.

    Glad I stopped by!

    Alix at Casa Hice

  3. Wow! Four pregnant sisters! Christmas is going to BUSY for the next 20 years or so. Just pray they aren't all girls or all boys. My dad didn't do enough praying - between my three sisters & I, we have eight girls under the age of six.


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