Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh thanks movers for feeding us some bull this morning...

Thanks for feeding us bull with a side of crap.  That is exactly what this is, bullcrap.  As I've mentioned before the husband came home from 13 months in Korea about 4 months ago.  Two and a half months ago we got most of the stuff back from Korea, however since Aaron wasn't there when the movers packed everything (he had to get out of Korea before the end of May or else they would have to extend his tour by 6 months) some things were missing and a few things were broken.  (Only half of my kitchen items came back)  His less than a year old, custom built gaming computer came back with stuff rattling around in the tower...uh oh.  When he first went to hook it up, no dice.  The lights would come on, the fan would turn on, but nothing else would come on.  So we took it to a local computer place, and got an estimate for the moving company so they could fix it.

That was more than a month ago.  We paid $25 to have it diagnosed and have the moving companys paperwork filled out.  We sent it in and have been waiting (the place said $366 to replace the parts, $590 in total).  Today Aaron called and asked them about the status of his claim. They told him to go to the website to see there offer...of $215....WHAT?  Are you FREAKING kidding me?  That doesn't even cover parts if Aaron installs them himself!  He was still on the phone with the woman and asked her why the lowball offer.  She explains that if they ship a vase with something inside of it and the vase and the other thing breaks they are only responsible for the vase, because it is the "outer cover".  She basically said that because the case was cracked they would cover a new case, but not the broken video card, and mother board...are you effing joking? 

Now tell me this, does that seem legal in any way shape or form?  We shipped the entire tower, broke the case, and some insides got shaken loose, but we only cover the case?  I think it's a bunch of crap, and so does Aaron.  He is refusing the offer with an explanation of why he is refusing the offer, and we are hoping they will come back with something better, but we will see.  Any comments?  Any suggestions?  Has this kind of thing ever happened to you?

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  1. It not only doesn't sound legal, but it sounds like a crime. I have no experience, and therefore, no suggestions. I do hope they rectify this and take responsibility for their negligence.

    Good luck.


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