Monday, January 11, 2010

Should I feel bad?

I am slightly obsessed with my newest favorite band.  I have both of their albumns and various singles downloaded on my Ipod, and I have a hard copy of the most recent albumn.  When they announced a 100 city tour this year I danced around the living room for 30 minutes before realizing they hadn't announced which cities they would be touring....

Then two weeks later I find that they are indeed coming to Boise, ID a mere hour from our little town, and I about died right then and there.  However they release dates only a few weeks in advance (If we're lucky) and they are only doing one date in idaho, if I have to work tough luck I won't be able to go.  Well a couple of weeks ago they announced a date in Portland oregon... for january 19th.  I jokingly told my husband, if I end up having the 19th and 20th off together I'm going to portland.

Yesterday I found out That next week I am working every day except the 19th and 20th....I called the husband in aa frenzy...."Can I go?  I can't believe I got those two days off, it can't be a just can't be!  I was meant to go see them next week" 

I called while at the commisary and he was like "Yeah you can go, we'll talk when you get home...Don't have a heartattack"

I got home and he was like "Buy the ticket.  You should go, You've been dying to go for months now, it's only a 7 and a half hour drive.  I won't be able to get off work though, not this close out."

I was crestfallen, I had wanted to see them in concert for months, he was right about that.  I didn't really want to go without him, but I knew he was right about not being able to get the time off so soon.  "You won't have the car, how will you get to work."

"I'll get a ride, buy the ticket."

"But, but,  Are you sure?"  I pleaded not wanting him to be mad.

I am going to see 100 monkeys in Concert in less than a week and a half and I am so excited about it I might pop!  I still cannot believe that I'm going on my first mini-road trip to see a band, and yet, I'll be doing it by myself.  I think I'm okay with that.  I'm 23, I can take a 2 day trip and not die just because I'm by myself.  Any kind words?  Any stories of trips you've made to see a band you love?

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  1. I actually want to go see Albanach in PA in February. Hubs doesn't want to go, but if I say I'll just go w/o him, he'll go. I'm sure you'll do fine, just be careful!


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