Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear so and so, about the holidays

Dear Holidays,

This year I am back with my husband but I'm far far away from my family.  Please stop trying to rush us.  I love you and it's okay to take plenty of time.  I am super excited about making a whole thanksgiving this year including a turkey.  And then there will be a whole month devoted to Christmas, don't go rushing Christmas I love the baking of thanksgiving.
Love me

Dear Husband,

I am sorry that we are on opposite schedules right now, but I am very excited about getting a job.  Please be supportive and help out around the house.  I won't be here 24 hours a day now, and you will have to learn to put clothes in the bin, and put dishes in the washer, and trash in the can.  This isn't rocket science I know your mom didn't follow you around throwing everything away for you and I won't be doing it anymore either.
Love your wonderful wife

Dear Creative Juices,

Thank you for flowing again, I am so excited to be writing again,  I love feeling like I am finally doing what I was meant to do.  Please don't stop.  I will feed you chocolate, and give you a massage if you want me to, just don't desert me for so long again.  It was hard feeling like I couldn't get past the road block in my mind.
Love the writer in me

Dear Back,

I hate you!  That's right, if I never had to use you again it would be too soon.  I am tired of the muscle spasms, the crunching and popping, and feeling in general like you are going to give out at any time.  I am only 22 and this is completel unaccaptable.  Do you understand me?  Get into shape or I will be having them fuse you...I know you don't want that so please give me a break.
Love your owner

Dear Family,

I know you don't want to feel like you are crowding me, but you have my number.  Please feel free to call me.  Even if it is just to talk...I miss you guys.
Love your Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Grand daughter


  1. I hope your back gets better soon. Take care of yourself this weekend.

  2. Ah, you poor thing. I've had back problems too since I was 18. Still got 'em and I'm 35.

  3. Great Dear So and So's Chelsie! Sounds like you are/have been at a crossroads in your life. Your letters are very on target! Enjoy that new job and juicy creative mojo. Good luck with hubby. And rock that Thanksgiving turkey, chica!

  4. Chelsie, you are the cutest! I love this post! It inspires me to think about inanimate things to write to!


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