Sunday, November 1, 2009

How was my Halloween you ask?

It was Frakking fantastic...we passed out candy.  To close to 100 trick or treaters, the best costume of the night was flava flave, complete with a giant clock necklace and gold fronts.  Aaron scared the kiddies in a bleeding chest grim reaper costume.  I passed out candy and he stood at the screen door just standing and bleeding.

Our friends Roxy and Mike came by to show us their costumes and to invite us out later.  We haven't been out since we got here so we went.  It was nice to go out and meet some new people and hang out with roxy and mike before they leave at the end of next month.

I will post pictures later.

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  1. Dang, I am so going to have to be flava flave next year! LOL


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