Friday, November 6, 2009

South Korea!

I've mentioned that Aaron spent 13 months in south Korea with the Air Force.  I think I might have also mentioned that I was lucky enough to spend a month there with him.  Here are a few pictures of my trip to Korea I will explain where each picture was taken and what exactly is in it.

This was taken Literally 10 hours after I landed in Seoul.  We went to bed, and went into town to eat.  This was near Youngsan/Garrison which is located just outside of Seoul, it is an Army base.  We had to spend a few days there waiting on a piece of luggage.  This was my first taste of soju, and trying beef on a leaf.

This is what I saw when we first sat down to eat.  The thing in the far left top corner is the raw beef, that they cook on a grill at the table.  On the left in the front is Kimchi, there are many different varieties and some of it is quite good.  The middle top is some pickled bean sprouts.  The top Right is some dried seaweed. The bottom right is some noodles in a maynaisse sauce.  The bottom middle is fresh seaweed.  Not pictured are the leaves you put this all on and the rice also.

This is a picture of Aaron and I at Lotte World.  Lotte is like walmart or Disney, they have their hand in everything.  This is an amusement park that is open 365 days a year...On this particular day it was 18 degrees and we rode the Steepest woode rollar coaster in the world.  The T express.  It was a total blast even though it was freezing.

This is a picture of another beef on a leaf resteraunt and the ever present Soju, this is common fare in Korea although it's not very filling.  Later I will post some pictures of Bulgougi which is extra tasty and very filling.


  1. what a neat experience! I remember Joe telling me about Soju (he was at Osan). He and my brother both also raved about the Bulgougi.

  2. I love hearing about different cultures, especially from people who aren't native to that area.

  3. Mmmmm! The dishes look very yummy -- and fresh. Chelsie, you're adorable! You and your husband look perfect together! Do you get to travel often?


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