Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday in Color

My Saturday went something like this:

2:47 Get woken up by Aaron who is coming home from work
2:52 Try to go back to sleep
3:11 Give up on falling back to sleep and hang out with Aaron until his 6:00 AM bed time
5:38 Aaron declares he is going to bed
5:46 The cat starts crying at the bedroom door This continues off and on for about 30 minutes
6:27 Put the cat into the laundry room/Watch recorded shows on the DVR
9:02 Take a shower/Get dressed/Brush hair and teeth
9:24 Start a batch of Gluten free Muddie Buddies for the ESC craft Bazaar
9:56 Arrive at craft Bazaar and spend two hours selling cookbooks and treats
12:00 Come home and lay down for a nap
3:37  Aaron comes in and asks "Are you going to get up" I reply with a five minute request.
3:38 I Throw myself out of bed after hearing the time...I have to get ready for my Birthday celebration!
3:50 I Text roxy to let her know I am awake and getting ready
4:17 I call tucanos to secure a reservation and it's 5:30 or 8:00  5:30 it is...
5:22 We arrive at Tucano's safely.
5:48 We are already eating the delicious offerings
6:53 We leave to go to Kohls where Aaron buys me 2 pairs of nice pants and 3 nice top sets
8:03 We decide to come back to Mountain Home to hit up some clubs
9:00 Go to Kurly's for the first round...Get bored
9:38 Walk to Mark Anthony's to smoke a hookah...awesome!
10:02 Go to Pick up Wendi and Mark
10:47 Arrive at Rodeo, the pool playing/dancing/drinking commences!

It was a fantastic birthday celebration and on Thursday I am going with Mirinda to The midnight release of New Moon!  Pinch me because I am pretty sure I must be dreaming.  This has been the best birthday since I got married 3 years ago.  I think the hubby is finally getting the hang of it.

What I saw Saturday morning outside in the backyard.

At Tucanos' where we ate dinner.  It was amazing and so yummy!

Before Leaving I asked one of the guys smoking outside to snap a picture of the four of us.

At Rodeo's Before I had a few drinks,  Aaron gracioulsy offered to DD for me.

Mike wanted a picture with him being the "creepy" guy in the background throwing up the "shocker"
Me, Wendi and Roxy

Mike doing his best Michael Jackson in front of a fan

This is how the night ended with me and Wendi dancing on stage to "I'm on a Boat" with two random chicks... I plead the Fifth.

Thanks everyone for an awesome Birthday Celebration.  Roxy and Mike we are going to miss you when you leave for Virginia in a few months.


  1. It looks like such fun and you look so cute. Happy birthday.

  2. You were BORN for the stage! Hahaha!

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time. I hope you slept in the next day


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