Sunday, November 8, 2009

Korea Part Deux

There will be another part or two to my Korea adventure, I still haven't covered Lottemart, The Juicy bars, or bulgogi.  Since Aaron was in Korea During Chirstmas and I came on january 2nd.  We celebrated Christmas in His doorm room once we had made our journey through Seoul, Osan, and lotteworld.  Aaron was stationed at Kunsan AirBase about 20 minutes from Kunsan city, and about 10 minutes from A-town which is short for America Town. 

This was our "christmas"  I brought the "Tree" which I got at Barnes and Noble.  All the wrapped presents are ones I brought in my second suitcase.

Lots of snow while we were there. 

Ahh this is a picture of some of his friends at Dasarongs which was in Kunsan city. There is a button you have to press to get people to wait on you.

Gluttonous Chicken with some cabbage covered in some weird sauce.

Jicima and Chicken fingers.  This is their idea of "American" food


  1. When we were in Vietnam they served us french fries with everything. Not because they actually came with everything, but because they assumed that was all Americans ate.

  2. F. Visions of Chicken Fingers after an all weekend eating binge I'm trying to come down from is not kind.


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