Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sayings my Step Dad always says...

As I've said before I was born and raised in Durham, NC  my parents divorced when I was three and My Mom remarried My step-Dad by the time I was 6.  I had every other weekend at my Dad's house, and I love him dearly.  He did what he felt was best leaving me to live with my mom during the school week so that I wasn't shuffled from one house to another during school.  However, this means that I am very close to my Step-Dad,  I even call him Dad but that is confusing to people and actually upsets my Dad.  I am such a lucky woman to have not one, but two loving and caring fathers.

My step-dad is a twin, and they are the youngest of 7.  His father left shortly after he was born and he was raised by a single mother, that being said they were very poor, although he swears up and down that he didn't realize they were poor until he was grown.  His mom instilled in him a work ethic and every one of his brothers and sisters is doing well and a hard worker.  His Mother died of cancer when he was 16 and his older sister took him in until he graduated.  My aunt and uncle are amazing people.  This back story is just so that you understand how well he has done for himself.

My step-dad owns a resteraunt.  He started as a busboy/dishwasher, then moved onto cook, then waiter, then host and eventually co-manager with his brother.  Now he owns it all by himself, there is no parent company, it isn't a franchise, it is a 24 hour diner.  That just wasn't enough for him though,  He went on to get his broker's liscense and started a Real estate agency with his sister, they began by renting an office in a building, they now own a house and have 3 other people working under them.  Then he went on to buy rental properties, first one house then another, he now co-owns 5 houses with a man from our church, and has another 3 that he has seperately.

He gets maybe 6 hours of sleep a night although usually he is lucky if he gets 5 and he still wakes up with the biggest smile and a loud booming voice.  You can almost feel his joy at just being alive and able to work another day.  When I was younger I couldn't understand how he could be so happy to go to work all day only to get up and do it all over again the next day.  Now I do.  He is so full of Christ's love that it just pours out of him.  He is so proud to be able to work and provide for his family that he can't help but smile.  He always used to say all of these silly things and now I'm going to share them.

I'm so tired and I'm so sore,
I'll never do it for a nickel no more,
15 cents is my new price,
Give me a quarter and I'll do it twice.

I'm the boss applesauce,
Understand rubber band?
Don't get wise bubble eyes
Do, I'll knock you down to peanut size

He woke us up every single morning with some song or other, 

Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey

Or some other made up total nonsense...I miss being able to hug him everyday,  He is truly a man among men.  He believes that if you want emplys to respect you, you have to respect them.  He leaves work at work almost all of the time, and he still pinches my mom on the butt and kisses her like they just started dating.  He taught me how to treat people right.  He makes me smile.  I love him just like a father.


  1. sounds like a fabulous man, father, husband, employer and role model for many

  2. You know, it's nice to hear about someone who had a step parent that was kind and good to them and treated them well. You're a lucky girl!

  3. Your step dad sounds SO wonderful!♥ I would have loved to grow up in your homes!


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