Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veteren's Day Parade

Wednesday is Veteran's day and to honor all those who have served before and all of those still serving Boise, Id had a parade on Saturday.  Aaron was asked to don his Service Blues and ride a bus out at 7:00 AM to march in this parade.  Despite being on swing shift and not normally getting off work until 4:00 AM he agreed.  They let him off at 8:30 the night before, however it is impossible to just force yourself to fall asleep because you need to wake up early the next morning.  Aaron got an hour and a half nap, and I stayed up to make sure he woke up when his alarm went off.  I tell my husband most days how proud I am of him, However he isn't in the military to hear people say thanks, most days he works a 12 hour shift, makes very little money and lives across the country from his family.  He spent 13 months in Korea with no family and he rarely complained.  My husband does this because he believes, despite the faults our country has, that this country is worth defending.

If you know someone who is currently in, or has served in the past, please go out of your way just to tell them that you are thinking about them.  I cannot tell you how much strangers kindness has meant to my husband.  On his way to Korea (wearing ABU'S on a 14 hour flight) he had several people come up and tell him thanks, and that they were praying for our men.  There are still so many people however that don't know that Iraq and Afghanistan aren't the only places our boys deploy to.  There is still Kuait, South Korea, Turkey, and plenty of other places that they are sent without their families.  My husband returned home at the beginning of June and may be leaving again sometime during January or Feburary.  Most military families have been through at least one and some have bee through 4 or 5.  Keep all of those serving in your prayers.

A tank.  There were two there and it was awesome to see them get moving.

The Scottish band.  It was awesome to see people preserving this traditon.

The warrior riders.

Can't hide that AirForce pride!


  1. A lot of people in my family have served, including my older brother (Navy). I'm currently trying to talk a friend's son into considering a military career. I think he'd make a great fit with the Air Force.

  2. Chelsie, you probably have seen the Gratitude Campaign website? If not, here it is:


    I think Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes posted it last year, and it really touched my heart and got me thinking about how little we actually do say thank you to those that serve our countries.

  3. All my military men have passed on, but they were good men indeed.


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