Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh, life isn't all work?

Wow!  I had forgotten exactly how hard it is to be on your feet all day...I don't know how nurses and doctors do it.  At the end of an eight and a half hour shift I just want to cut my legs off.  Seriously though, the house is a wreck; I'm way behind in reading much less commenting on my favorite blogs, and writing hasn't been in the cards for too many reasons to count.

I don't want this blog to become nothing but a whine fest so I'm going to list some of the awesome things that have happened in past week or so.

I got all 9 of the books that I purchased with my Amazon gift card :)
The bad news is that haven't been able to even begin to read them :(

I also recieved my new foot soaking/massage bath :)
I haven't had the energy to heat the water up to actually use it yet :(

My husband and I got the house cleaned up in time for thanksgiving :)
The people and food left the house looking worse than before :(

All of the laundry is washed and dried :)
It is sitting in a mountain of unfolded crap on the bedroom floor :(

I have the cutest cat in the whole world :)
He sheds like nobody's business :(

All in all This week has had it's share of ups and downs, But I am thankful to have a wonderful husband, a wonderful house, plenty to eat, and a job.  There are so many out there that wish their problems were as miniscule as mine, and I am looking ahead to having a better attitude ad thankful heart.


  1. Omg, my cats are the hairiest animals ever. I vacuum every other day and the canister fills up so fast, it looks like a little kitten swirling around in there trying to come to life! Scary!

  2. Your last paragraph says it best. And it may sound trite, but all those annoyances make the good things good. If you had no annoyances, you'd take all the good for granted. ;)


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